Save 50% off for a limited time only.  Use Discount Code: SAVE50 on your shopping cart

Save 50% off for a limited time only. Use Discount Code: SAVE50 on your shopping cart


WANT TO SAVE HUNDREDS OFF Your Electricity Bills?

Quick and easy to DIY install, the emerald Electricity Advisor connects to your smart electricity meter, sending real time consumption data directly to the free emerald EMS App.

* Only compatible with a smart meter. What is a smart meter?

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Electricity Advisor 50% off

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Customer Reviews

5 star reviews

The app is easy to use and gives an accurate daily reporting of your electricity usage and cost. It also gives you a running summary of what to expect in your next power bill so that you don’t get a shock when it arrives. Graham

5 star reviews

This is a terrific tool for monitoring your energy use. You can see how much you use daily / weekly & when your usage peaks. Having the app has made us much more aware of how much energy we are using & how we might be able to reduce usage at certain times of the day & night. Kathy

5 star reviews

Love it, it’s very user friendly that enables you to monitor your daily, weekly and monthly electricity usage. It even tells you how much you are spending live at a time. Plus a few hacks on the app about saving electricity and how to become savvy without changing your lifestyle.  Rafil

emerald Electricity Advisor pays for itself in 4 months

With emerald Electricity Advisor, save $200 or more off your household electricity bills each year*

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*Please note your savings could differ depending on how much you spend on your electricity bills and the number of people in your household.