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How to set your energy-saving budget in Emerald App?

You can set or make changes to your budget from the home screen.
Click on the settings (gear icon) at the upper right-hand corner of the homepage and select 'My Property, then select ‘Energy Budget’.
Users have access to an annual (monthly spend) budget, seasonal (monthly spend) budget (summer and winter) and our Energy Budget Calculator Tool.
Yearly budget:
Please enter a static monthly spend target for each month of the year.
Seasonal budget:
Traditionally, we consume more energy in the winter months. There, we provide the opportunity to set different monthly budgets for the summer and winter months, making your target setting more realistic and accurate.
Energy calculator tool:
  1. Click the ‘Energy budget calculator’ button.
  2. Select the slider to either Yearly or Seasonal.
  3. Upload your first bill information.
  4. Click ‘Add another bill’ – the app will automatically add a new field for a second bill.
  5. You can upload the whole year of bills to have a better estimation of your electricity consumption.
  6. Please select the slider to how much you want to save on your bill. For example, slide it to 10% to save 10% on your average bill cost.
  7. The app will automatically calculate the bill and budget based on your uploaded bill/ bills.
  8. Click the ‘Set my Energy Budget’ button at the bottom of the page, and the information will be saved in the Emerald app.
Note: you can always edit the calculated values in the fields if you are not satisfied with the Energy budget calculated values.