4 Reasons Why Emerald Wireless Smoke Alarms Are Essential For Your Home

Claire on

Emerald wireless interconnected smoke alarms ‘talk to each other’. If one alarm is triggered, the whole smoke alarm network will sound via a radio frequency (RF) signal that notifies all alarms to trigger at the same time. So what benefits do you get when installing ‘talking’ smoke alarms in your home?

1. Early Detection: Interconnected smoke alarms allow for early detection of a fire in multiple rooms of the home, providing a greater chance for escape.
2. Wider Coverage: With interconnected smoke alarms, if one alarm sounds, all the alarms in the home will sound, providing wider coverage and a better chance of alerting everyone in the home.
3. Improved Convenience: Interconnected smoke alarms eliminate the need for multiple alarm tests, as all the alarms can be tested and maintained at the same time. Add the Emerald SafeLink to your network, and test and control your home alarm system via your mobile phone. Learn more…
4. Increased Reliability: Interconnected smoke alarms provide a more reliable fire detection system, as they reduce the risk of a single alarm failing to sound, or an alarm being disabled without being noticed.

Interconnected Emerald Smoke Alarms provide a higher level of fire safety and protection for your family and home, with DIY install. Click below to find out how you can better protect your family and home.


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