How Emerald Products Are Combating Climate Change

Claire on

Emerald’s focus is on ‘Building Futures’ with a sustainable and safe focus across all our new product innovations. Our smart technologies help Australians mitigate their impact on climate change through increased energy efficiency and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Here are the top 3 ways our energy-conscious Emerald community is using our products to deliver energy savings and positive environmental outcomes.

  1. Changing habits.

Better understanding and increased awareness of energy usage habits and behaviours allow our community to understand their electricity consumption and inform better decision-making. We love hearing stories of how our consumers are seeing impressive results in reducing their energy usage and lowering their electricity bills at the same time.

  1. Get everyone involved.

The Emerald EMS app is available to all. Free to download and for every household member to take part in. This enables data-sharing and collaboration so everyone can together to achieve sustainable outcomes.

  1. Reducing wastefulness.

No more “set it and forget it” approaches. Smart technologies are delivering new learnings and a superior understanding of what appliances and devices are energy guzzlers. Our community is more alert to wasteful usage and ways to optimise the usage of energy-consuming goods.


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