Make Older Technologies Smart, And Save Money Too!

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It’s crazy how fast technology can age! With new exciting technologies arriving on the market every day, how can we adjust older technologies to be ‘smart’ and save us money?

This can be done by connecting older technologies to the Internet through smart gateway devices, achieving remote monitoring and control through a mobile phone app or a web browser.

Here are some everyday technologies that can easily be made smart:

Smart lights: Incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs can be retrofitted with smart bulbs, allowing them to be controlled through a mobile phone app and by turn lights off automatically when you leave the house. Smart lights can help to reduce energy usage and save on electricity bills.

Smart Thermostats: Traditional Air Conditioning units can be upgraded with smart control systems to allow remote temperature control and monitoring through a mobile phone app. By learning your daily schedule and temperature preferences, a smart thermostat can automatically adjust the temperature to minimise energy usage and reduce heating/cooling bills. Learn more about Emerald’s Smart Thermostat, AC Link.

Smart Plugs: Traditional electrical outlets can be upgraded with smart plugs, allowing appliances and electronics to be controlled and monitored through an app.

Turning old technologies into smart technologies not only provides additional convenience and automation but also saves you money by reducing your energy consumption and carbon footprint – it’s a WIN-WIN!


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