5 Earth Day Activities to do with the family

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On April 22, join billions of people worldwide in celebrating Earth day. Earth day’s official theme in 2022 is Investing in Our Planet. This year, the concept is to encourage governments, companies, and the general public to take concrete steps toward sustainability, buy from responsible companies, and take an active role in protecting Earth.

1. Energy Consumption Education

One of the most accessible and affordable ways to be green is reducing your energy consumption. Show the whole family how easy it is to make a difference by turning off all the lights and non-essential appliances and comparing your Electricity Advisor Dial before and after.

2. Plant a Tree

Planting a Tree

Did you know a fully-grown tree can absorb around 21 kgs of Carbon Dioxide per year? A tree can also provide shade, cooling your home and reducing the need for air conditioning in summer. Trees can also provide shelter and food for wildlife, welcoming various animals and insects into your home to share.

3. Rock Painting

Rock Painting for Earth Day

Are you running out of ideas for school holidays? Have you tried rock painting? During the last two years of Covid lockdowns, families have never enjoyed more family time. The art of rock painting can be seen dotted all-around neighbourhood walks in Australia. All you need are some local rocks from the garden, eco-friendly paint and some creativity.

4. Treasure Hunt in your Neighbourhood

walk around the neighbourhood park

After painting your beautiful rocks, go for a neighbourhood walk and hide the treasures for others to find. Remember to hide them in the eyesight of little humans. Sharing your artwork with others allows your children to show off their hard work and creates a sense of connectivity in the act of sharing. We are all part of a community, and fostering a sense of giving builds connections with others.

5. Clean up while you walk

Pick up Trash

While hiding your rock treasures, bring an extra bag and pick up rubbish as you come across it. Take notice of different materials, how long it takes for plastic to decompose, and why recycling as much plastic as possible is essential.


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