LiveLink – The Perfect Companion to Your Electricity Advisor

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At Emerald Home, we’re known for leading the way in energy solutions. Our Electricity Advisor has already made a big impact, and now we want to remind you about LiveLink, an important part of our energy suite. LiveLink isn’t new, but it keeps proving its worth in smart and sustainable energy management. It works perfectly with your Electricity Advisor, helping you manage your energy use smartly and proactively. So why should you upgrade your Electricity Advisor with LiveLink?

1. Seamless Wi-Fi Connection

LiveLink integrates smoothly with your Electricity Advisor through Wi-Fi, creating a system where your energy management tools work together without hassle. This harmony makes your move to energy efficiency easier and more intuitive.

2. Electricity Data Anytime, Anywhere

LiveLink’s Wi-Fi connectivity gives you real-time information about your energy use, no matter where you are. It’s been successful in the market for helping users to make quick, eco-friendly decisions.

3. User Friendly

We’ve designed LiveLink to be easy to use. It connects to your Emerald app through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, providing simple and immediate data access. Its user-friendly nature means you’re always informed and in charge.

4. Peace of Mind

With LiveLink, you can be confident that your energy data is up-to-date and accurate. This is especially reassuring when you’re away from home, knowing LiveLink is keeping an eye on your energy consumption.

5. Investing in Sustainability

Choosing LiveLink means investing in a sustainable future. As part of the Emerald Home community, you’re contributing to smarter, more responsible energy use. LiveLink represents our shared commitment to eco-friendly living.

Special Black Friday Offer

Watch out for our Black Friday sale on LiveLink – a great chance to start or enhance your journey towards energy efficiency. Join us in embracing this essential smart technology for a more sustainable lifestyle. Stay tuned for this exciting opportunity to make a difference with LiveLink.


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