Learn How To Navigate Today’s Electricity Price Hikes With Emerald’s Electricity Advisor

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Australians are waking up today to a sharp increase in electricity costs. With the start of the new financial year, households and businesses in NSW face a jump in energy bills between 19 to 25 per cent, based on their network coverage. Victoria is also hit hard, with the average customer seeing a formidable 25 per cent rise in electricity costs. To see which region’s are being hit the hardest by this price hike, simply click here.

Dissecting the Price Hike

The Default Market Offer (DMO), the electricity price safety net, is the annual cap on the maximum price that power companies can charge customers on standard retail plans. It’s designed to help protect consumers from exorbitant rates. However, this fiscal year brings a surge in the DMO price.

Why? Several reasons, including a rise in wholesale costs, the closure of the Liddell Power Station in NSW, challenges with coal-fired generation assets, and stronger coal and gas costs than in previous years.

Although environmental costs have dipped, the overall price of electricity is climbing. This price hike will squeeze household budgets and push up business operating costs. So how can we navigate these rising costs?

Meet Your Energy-Saving Electricity Advisor

The Electricity Advisor is a smart energy monitor here to help you ride out the steep rise in electricity costs. Electricity Advisor connects to your smart electricity meter, and sends this data directly to your phone, providing you with real-time updates on your electricity usage, so you can understand how your power is being used, find peak usage times, and learn which appliances are the biggest energy guzzlers.

This knowledge is your power. Literally. You can tweak your habits, make the most of your power usage, and lessen the blow of the price hike on your budget. Plus, getting the inside track on your electricity usage can help you find an energy plan that best meets your needs and potentially offers better value.

Navigating the Power Maze

With the new DMO price rolling out, power companies will tweak their offers. While the DMO offers some protection, it’s not always the best deal out there. This is where the Electricity Advisor takes the spotlight.

With a detailed breakdown of your electricity usage at your fingertips, you can make smart decisions about your electricity plan and choose one that syncs with your consumption patterns. Even better, this insight can help you cut down on unnecessary electricity usage, saving money and offsetting the effects of the price increase.

Keeping Your Electricity Advisor Fighting Fit

If you already have an Electricity Advisor and you have noticed that your electricity usage is not being tracked, it may have disconnected. But don’t worry – your Electricity Advisor will automatically move into hibernation mode to preserve battery life. Simply bring your mobile phone close by to your Electricity Advisor (within 2 or 3 metres) and follow the re-pairing instructions on the Emerald app to start tracking your Electricity again.

Standing Strong in the Face of the Surge

The Electricity Advisor is a valuable solution in this challenging landscape of soaring electricity prices. This smart electricity monitor helps you take control and make informed decisions. As we enter this new financial year, let the Electricity Advisor guide you towards effective utility bill management and cost-saving. If you would like to purchase the Electricity Advisor, click here.


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