5 Ways To Stay Fire Safe This Festive Season

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People tend to let their hair down during the festive season and relax. However, one area where it is important to remain vigilant is home fire safety.

You may associate winter as the key season for residential fires, but fires in the home can occur at any time throughout the year. In summer, there are plenty of hazards to be aware of, particularly during the festive season.

Devices that generate heat, or heat up with extended use, are potential fire hazards. This includes stoves, clothes dryers, computers, smart electrical gadgets, lights or fans. Given that 40% of house fires are attributed to electrical appliances, now is the time to protect your family and home.

Our expert tips for staying fire safe this festive season:

1. Install a smoke alarm system and test monthly.

Install interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms on every level of your home, including the kitchen, living areas, every bedroom and outside all sleeping areas, plus the garage and/or workshop. Visit Emerald’s smoke alarm solution for more information.

2. Have 24/7 visibility of your smoke alarm system

Monitor your smoke alarm system via a Wi-Fi gateway such as Emerald’s SafeLink Smoke Alarm Gateway.

3. Only use decorative lights with an Australian Standards label and follow manufacturer instructions on setting up and operating.

Keep children and pets away from lights, candles and matches.

4. Never leave cooking unattended

Additionally, ensure a fire blanket or extinguisher is within reach in the kitchen that meets Australian Standards.

5. Don’t overload power boards, piggyback double adaptors or overcharge lithium-ion-powered devices.

For maximum safety, ensure power boards incorporate both overload and earth leakage protection. Do your research regarding lithium-ion battery-powered equipment.

A fire takes three minutes to take hold in your home. Don’t compromise on fire safety this Christmas.

The SafeLink is a Wi-Fi gateway between the Emerald EMS app and your RF Emerald smoke alarms, allowing you to view your alarms’ real-time status via your smartphone.

Manage your alarms by using your smartphone to instantly control false alarms, locate triggered alarms and test your alarms routinely to prevent your house from danger. 


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