How AC Link Enhances Comfort & Energy Efficiency With Geofencing

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AC Link is an innovative smart thermostat designed to optimise energy consumption and enhance the comfort of homes. This case study explores how Sandra, a homeowner and mother of two, effectively utilises her AC links geofencing controls to save money on energy bills and maintain an ideal temperature in her home throughout the year.


The AC Link smart thermostat offers advanced features that allow homeowners to control their split-system Air Conditioning remotely. One of its standout features is geofencing, which leverages the homeowner’s location to automate the Air Conditioning system. Sandra was concerned with her family’s energy consumption and sought an intelligent solution that would help her manage air conditioning efficiently while keeping her family comfortable and maintaining a reasonable energy budget.

Geofencing Controls

Sandra made effective use of AC Link’s geofencing controls to optimise her energy usage. She configured AC links geofencing controls to ensure that the air conditioners were turned off whenever her children left for school each morning. This prevented unnecessary cooling or heating when no one was home, significantly reducing her energy usage.

Sandra also configured her AC Links geofencing to automatically turn on the air conditioners whenever a family member was within 200 meters of the property. This allowed her to maintain a pleasant and comfortable home environment for her family, whilst also reducing energy usage.

Energy Savings & Home Comfort

AC Link provided Sandra with a convenient and energy-efficient solution for managing her home’s climate. By leveraging geofencing to automatically turn off the air conditioners when the house was empty and turn them on when family members approached, AC Link not only saved Sandra money on her energy bills but also increased the overall comfort, convenience and energy efficiency of her home.

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