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Since day one at Emerald, we have focused on delivering sustainable outcomes for our emerald EMS community – that’s you! Energy-saving for Australian households represents who we are. But we never stop working on new ideas to help Australians take steps toward a smarter, safer and more sustainable future.

Discover why a safer home is so important…

On average, there are 3000 house fires in Victoria annually – that’s over eight house fires per day. The most common place in the home where fires start is the kitchen, with sleeping and lounge areas resulting in the highest fatalities due to the incorrect use of electrical appliances or home heaters.

You can do a lot to protect yourself, your family and your home.

  • Working smoke alarms are your best defence against home fires, especially during the night when you lose the sense of smell. A working smoke alarm becomes your ‘electronic nose’ while you sleep.
  • VIC Fire Rescue recommends installing interconnected smoke alarms in every bedroom and living space, including hallways, stairways and even the garage, so that when one alarm activates, all smoke alarms sound.
  • All heating devices are switched off or extinguished before leaving home or going to sleep.
  • Home heating, including flues and chimneys, is regularly cleaned and serviced by a certified technician.
  • Check appliances for visibly frayed or damaged wiring
  • Prepare a home fire escape plan

Emerald’s SafeLink Starter Pack

Protect your loved ones and stay connected by receiving alerts when your Smoke alarms detect smoke – even when you’re not at home. Because the SafeLink connects to your mobile phone via the Emerald EMS app, you and your family can remotely monitor your smoke alarm network anywhere, at any time. True comfort comes from knowing your property and loved ones are safe from threats – this is invaluable. Click here for more.


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