Saving Energy Makes a Difference

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By simply reducing electricity consumption, Australian households, which account for one-fifth of Australia’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions, can reduce their carbon footprint.

The International Energy Agency highlights that digitisation enables the use of data and analytical tools to identify where energy efficiency interventions can produce the biggest gains. Smart meter data can help policymakers better understand how people use energy and consumers better understand their energy usage and how to reduce their costs.

Automation technologies such as turning off lighting, heating or cooling when no one is home or turning down the air con thermostats by one degree can have a significant collective impact on electricity consumption. An emerald EMS customer highlighted significant savings in his electricity bills after identifying a timer failure resulting in his pool pump running longer than required when he noticed spikes in his energy usage when monitoring his electricity usage via the emerald EMS App.

As well as cutting back on energy use, other ways households can make a difference is by purchasing high-quality energy-efficient products that last longer. For example, an emerald LED light bulb has a longer lifespan than traditional light bulbs, not only saving running costs with more efficient technology, it also reduces the number of resources that go into making that product because it does not have to be replaced as often.

Our mission at emerald is to provide products that are technologically superior, last longer and perform better and as a result, reduce greenhouse emissions through smart technology.


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