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Smart thermostat giving you comfort, control and savings all year round

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As we gear up for the holiday season and summer heats up, are you turning on the air-con more often? With higher living costs, Aussie households are looking for ways to reduce energy consumption and utility bills. As heating and cooling account for up to 50% of household energy use, making changes here could significantly affect your electricity bills.

Being smart with your air-con can save you money?

Setting your air conditioner’s temperature between 22 to 25 degrees in summer can cut your daily air-con energy consumption by more than 20%. Rather than manually changing your air-con to the most energy efficient temperature, turn your air-con to a smart! Using a smart thermostat, you can save up to 30% of your energy bills by automating the settings of your ai-con. The benefits can be seen all year round as a smart thermostat reacts to the outside temperature, automatically setting the most comfortable and energy efficient temperature.

Did you know? When you lower your air-con’s temperature by 1 degree, this adds around 10 per cent to your electricity usage!

Introducing Emerald’s AC Link smart thermostat.

The Emerald AC Link allows you to control the settings of your split air conditioner from the palm of your hand even when you’re not at home, keeping you comfortable and saving money at the same time. With Emerald AC Link, you can access your air-con’s functionality allowing you to:

  • Using geo-fencing, never accidentally leave your air-con on and waste energy when everyone’s out.
  • Even when you are not home, you can turn on your air-con so you can come home to a comfortable temperature. You will save energy by slowly cooling the house at the right temperature rather than blasting it at full power.
  • Set your air-con to react to your home’s temperature and adjust to the most energy efficient settings.

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Emerald’s smart products manage your home’s energy efficient needs to make your life more comfortable and help you save money. Our latest product, the AC Link, can save money on your cooling and heating bills and give you more control over your home.

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