Spring Cleaning Home Energy

Top 4 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Energy Use

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It’s a great time to spring into action and look at ways to cut your energy use. With most households feeling the pressure of increasing living costs, our Top 4 Tips could be the simplest way to save money and keep your home comfortable at the same time.

1) Clean your windows and window screens

With all the wet weather we’ve had recently, cleaning your windows not only brightens the home but removes harmful built up of mould and mildew around the home. Clean windows and screens not only allow more daylight to enter the home, reducing the need for lighting during the day; opening the windows with clean screens will increase air movement throughout the home, making you feel cooler, particularly in humid weather.

2) Switch your fan blades to cooling mode

Rather than rushing to turn your air-con on, turning on the ceiling fan first can save you 40% on your electricity bills. Many ceiling fans have a switch above the blades allowing you to switch between summer and winter modes. In summer mode, fan blades spin counter-clockwise to direct cool air to the ground. If you are not feeling cool air, your ceiling fan is likely in winter mode.

3) Change your Air-Con’s temperature settings and clean your filters 

As a general rule, setting your air-con between 25 to 27 degrees in summer could save you hundreds in electricity bills, with every degree you decrease, saving 10% on your energy use. The ideal temperature does depend on your climate, so check out Can star blue to see the magic number based on your location in Australia.

Along with setting the right temperature, cleaning the filters in your air-con will keep it running efficiently and lower running costs.

4) Weather seal your home

Draught-proofing your home not only helps keep your home warm in winter but can also keep your home cool in summer. Seal gaps around doors, windows, and unused chimneys, to prevent hot air from entering the home and cool air from air-con leaking out.




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