The hour of NO power is nearly upon us! #emeraldFuture

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Here is a list of fun activities you can plan for Saturday (26 March) evening during Earth Hour when you switch off your power!

Four activities to do during Earth Hour:

  1. Stargaze With the lights out, there’s no better time to go stargazing! Gather your mates and venture outside to open space – check out the bright stars and try to spot one of the many star constellations!
  2. Go for a night-time hikeMake Earth Hour more than an hour. Take the afternoon and evening to go on a rejuvenating hike in one of Australia’s beautiful nature spots. Leave footprints, take pictures, and enjoy your time with nature.
  3. Night-time photography What better opportunity to whip out your smartphone camera and practice your night-time photography skills!
  4. Arrange a candlelight BBQ Cook a delicious BBQ for your friends or family. Set up some candles or solar-powered lights in the comfort of your own backyard.

The hour of no power is upon us!

Earth Hour is the largest global movement for our planet and raises awareness and takes action on the impact of climate change. Millions worldwide will be switching off their lights this year on Saturday 26 March at 8:30 pm – local time.

We’d love for you to join us in participating in Earth Hour by following these steps:

  1. Open your emerald EMS app and click into your Electricity Advisor.
  2. Take a screenshot of your electricity usage at 8:25 pm.
  3. Switch off your power.
  4. Take a screenshot of your electricity usage at 9:25 pm to see how much electricity you have saved during Earth Hour.
  5. Post your before and after screenshots on social media and use the hashtag #emeraldFuture to feature on our Facebook and Instagram homepages.


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