Where is Australia in the Heat Pump Race?

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Australia’s reluctance to adopt heat pump technology has become a hot topic across the sustainability community. Globally, heat pumps have gained popularity for their ability to use renewable energy sources such as air to heat water and significantly reduce energy consumption, making them an eco-friendly option for both residential and commercial buildings.

Despite their impressive efficiency, Australia has been slow in embracing this technology compared to other countries…

Japan leads the world in heat pump technology adoption, with the highest density of heat pumps per capita. The country has invested heavily in this technology and uses it extensively for both space and water heating in residential and commercial buildings.

Norway boasts the highest percentage of households using heat pumps in the world, thanks to government incentives that encourage adoption.

Sweden has made significant progress in heat pump adoption, with over half of the newly built homes in 2018 using heat pumps as their primary heating source.

Germany has set ambitious targets for reducing carbon emissions and incentivized households to adopt heat pump technology. As a result, the use of heat pumps for space and water heating has been steadily increasing in the country.

Australia‘s progress in the heat pump race has been mixed so far. While some households and businesses have adopted heat pump technology for hot water and space heating, the country has not yet taken significant steps towards widespread adoption compared to other nations. Clearly, we have some catching up to do.

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