Dad’s Favourite Energy Advice

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Dads sound like their own dads when they catch someone wasting electricity and say, “Do you think we own an electric company?” When it comes to saving money and energy efficiency, some of his tips are spot on! In celebration of Father’s day this Sunday, here are some of dad’s best “words of wisdom” for electricity savings.

1. Shut the front door – “we’re not warming or cooling the whole neighbourhood.”

Since heating and cooling account for the largest energy use in your home, show dad you’ve heard him by shutting the doors and windows, especially when the heating or cooling is on. Draught proofing your home can also help insulate your home from heat loss or keep your home cooler in summer.

2. Turn the lights off – “do we live in a Theme Park?”

While we know the LED lights dad installed use a fraction of a normal light bulb, turning it off when you leave the room matters to him. BUT turn it on when it’s dark, so he knows you won’t ruin your eyesight.

3. Preserve water – “save some hot water for the rest of us!”

Back in dad’s time, they didn’t have heat pumps and heating the hot water system was like heating a giant kettle. It costs a lot to shower because an electric hot water system takes so long to heat up, and since dad was the oldest and the younger kids took showers first, he didn’t have any hot water left. Use less water with a water-saving shower head, keep the showers short or better still, spread out the showers with your siblings, so dad gets some hot water to enjoy at the end of his day.

4. Put on a sweater – “before you turn the heater on, put on your sweater.”

In dad’s eyes, here are some valid reasons to turn on the heater. You are wearing all your clothes, and you can see your breath. We’ve established how much heating and cooling account for the electricity bills; make him proud by putting on a jumper and reasoning why the icicles in your hair need defrosting.

5. Switch off your electronic device this Sunday“your eye will go square if you keep looking at a device.”

This is dad’s way of saying he wants to spend time with you; Turn off your phone and laugh at his jokes. Surprise him by turning off your chargers and other devices on the plug to reduce standby power.

If you must use your phone, make Dad proud by registering every household member in your home as a Property Member on the Emerald EMS app. Use the Emerald Electricity Advisor stats and graphics to collectively drive down electricity bills and make Dad a happy man!


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