Rally your Household to Save Power this Autumn

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As summer fades and temperatures start to cool around the country, power bills can begin to creep up, particularly for those of us living in Australia’s chillier climates. While this time of year brings a lot of opportunities for fun—skiing, tobogganing, or just sitting around a fire—the cooler temperatures and limited daylight hours can also cause power bills to rise. To help you keep your electricity bills in check this season, we’ve put together a guide to using the power of numbers to reduce your power consumption.

Get Everyone Involved

Let’s face it—some things are just better when done with others. Whether you’re throwing a dinner party or playing a game of cricket, chances are, the outcome will be better when you invite a few friends. Similarly, if you’re trying to cut down on your power bill, going it alone can feel like an uphill battle. By involving everyone in your household, not only are you more likely to achieve your goals, you can even turn your energy-saving tactics into a game to help motivate each other. Whether it’s a simple points system or something more elaborate, involving everyone in your home is guaranteed to help you cut down on power usage.

Work Towards the Same Goal

On the topic of goals, it’s a good idea to get your family or your friends—whoever you live with—together before you embark on your energy-saving mission to make sure everyone is on the same page. Taking the time to have a meeting is a great opportunity to share ideas and land on a realistic goal to achieve as a household. With the buy-in from everyone, you’re more likely to effectively change your habits and save power as one.

Track your Usage with the Emerald app

Even the best energy-saving efforts are guaranteed to fizzle if you can’t track your energy usage. While your regular energy bill will provide an overview of your household power consumption, the delay between using the energy and the bill arriving can create a disconnect and make it hard to keep your household motivated to keep saving power. That’s where Emerald app comes in. Linking easily to your Smart Meter without the need for an electrician, the Emerald app makes it easy to stay on top of your power consumption with real-time usage, weekly summaries and more delivered to the palm of your hand. You can also set an energy budget and receive alerts when you are approaching your limit. Want to keep everyone in the loop? You can even add multiple users to the Emerald app to ensure the whole household is on the same page.

Download the Emerald app

How to add Members in the Emerald app

From the home screen of your Emerald app, simply select the + button located in the top right corner, then select the ‘Add Member’ option from the menu. On the ‘Add Member’ screen, you can click on the + button located in the bottom right corner, enter the email address of the new member in the designated field, and click on the Add button to successfully add them to your energy savings journey.


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