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Top 5 Energy Efficiency Tips For Outside Your Home This Spring

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As the days get longer and warmer, it’s a great time to start spending more time outdoors. We’ve prepared five easy tips to help you reduce your energy and save money as we switch seasons and spend more time outside.

1) Update your outdoor lighting to LEDs

As the weather warms up and our days are getting longer, entertaining outdoors often means we are using outdoor lighting more. Since LED lights use 75% less energy than halogen lights and last 5 to 10 times longer, updating outdoor lighting can significantly reduce your energy consumption.

2) Set your pool pump to run at the right time

As your pool gets more use in summer, you will probably find the pool pumps running for longer. Select smart times to run your pool pump, like off-peak times to avoid peak-hour electricity charges. If you have solar panels, the best time to run your pool is during the hottest time of the day, when the panels generate the most energy.

3) Hang your washing on the line

On sunny days, it’s time to ditch the dryer and start drying your clothes on the washing line. According to choice, you could save up to $500 a year drying your clothes on the washing line and a few simple changes. Other savings ideas include running full loads, washing in cold water, cutting down on detergent and skipping fabric softeners.

4) Start your veggie garden

While starting your veggie garden might not reduce your electricity consumption, it is a great way to save money off your grocery bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Considering the fluctuating availability and price of lettuce this year, growing your veggies ensures you get the freshest, tastiest salad without travelling far.

5) Monitor your energy usage

One of the best ways to reduce your power bills is to track your energy usage. The emerald EMS app enables you to track your usage from your phone with energy usage stats and weekly reports. You can also set an energy budget to see how your usage is tracked compared to your budget. With extra data insights, you can take control of your electricity usage both inside and outside of your home and save money on your electricity bills.


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