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With the cost of living on the rise, you are not alone in feeling like inflation is creeping into our wallets and into everyday items from our grocery cart, transportation and bills. Budgeting often feels overwhelming but the first step to budgeting is knowing where your money goes. Rest assured the emerald EMS App makes it easy so you can take control of your energy spending, helping you along to create your own personal financial goals.

Setting a yearly, seasonal or monthly energy budget can make it easier to see how much you’re spending on your electricity, helping you identify energy savings and behavioural changes that can lead to a big difference in your bills.

To set an Energy Budget, grab a copy of your old bills. It’s helpful to have at least 3, the more you have the better the average.

Setting your Energy Budget on your App

1. In the homepage section of your emerald App, go to the settings button.

2. Under Property Settings, Click on the Energy Budget Icon.

3. To create an Energy Budget, either click on our Energy Budget Calculator Button or manually add a monthly budget.

Energy Budget Calculator

1. If you choose to use the Energy Budget Calculator, select the date range on your bill and add the charges on that bill.

2. Under How much money do you want to save, toggle on the slider to work out how much you want to save. You can see your savings in dollar value under the Budget Goal.

3. When you are happy with your budget, click the Set my Energy Budget button to save.

Seasonal and Yearly

With your Monthly Budget amount worked out, you can toggle between seasonal and yearly as our electricity bills do vary according to seasons. Traditionally we consume more energy in the winter months. The Energy Budget Calculator will automatically adjust the budget based on the dates on your bill. And you are done. It’s that simple. You now have ‘A personalised reporting’ on your electricity use to help you with your savings goal.

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Having a good understanding of your electricity bills empowers (pun intended) you to make decisions like when’s the best time to run appliances and what kind of appliance upgrades will make the most difference in savings.
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